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 enterprises certainly will not stand still. It seems most of the Chinese shoes enterprises, low-cost and high recycling electronic business platform is the most effective means of expanding the scale. Domestic brand by launching starling starling on network to expand sales channels, open markets. However, after the development of the electricity business requires more than just the supply chain, technology and operational strategy is critical. Various restricted and passive electronic business platform, and not rely solely on electronic business platform launched promotional activities, the main electricity supplier companies also promote the development of the use of their own advantages, and by geographic cluster advantages such Jinjiang, Wenzhou bring brand 
cluster effect You can also crash out of the new brand development ideas. The rapid rise in the outdoor market in late 2012, we saw strong into the outdoor sporting goods market trend began to reflect the Chinese sports market right and wrong. Including in particular sports shoe market, including the recent development of Chinese sports market fierce, almost saturated market, the major sports brands have started dumping stocks. Way back in the past, Nike (store) (stores) and Adidas (stores) and other foreign companies into China, the first based on brand building rather than sales growth. Foreign brands is through long-term strategic plan, the brand's first possession of the high ground, secondary and tertiary markets dive again. However, one, two,

 three market size and capacity began to grow about the same time, which gave local business development opportunities. Foreign cultivate brand awareness in the primary market, when Li Ning began in the secondary market force local, Anta Jinjiang companies began in the three converse all star market force. These companies have the shape of the product due to similar foreign products, decent quality, better prices and a strong affinity channels thrust characteristics, in market segments where the rapidly developing. Unlike foreign companies, local companies operating earlier than around the building to expand the brand, the more around the sales nike huarache  increase and market share, while the core marketing strategy is "sales network construction," is one of the typical Anta. Anta focus on foreign 

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